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  • Software. Phobox Ltd. provides embedded software and electronics design services to industry and research establishments.
  • Carpentry. Phobox Ltd. also supplies restoration and new-build carpentry, woodwork and wooden products for historic and traditional narrowboats.
  • Boats. We also run the historic working narrowboats JAMES LOADER, BETELGEUSE, BCN No 108 and RENFREW, towing and carrying cargoes on the inland waterways. The boats are also available for hire with captain and crew for performance projects and filming.
  • Canalporter. A transport service linking spare cargo capacity in narrowboats with those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • |NB Lucy|Shop|

  • NB Lucy. We are providing space, storage, workshop facilities and labour for the NB LUCY Restoration Project.
  • Shop. The LUCY Project is supported by our shop, selling lace plates, oil lamps, cabin crockery, pan holders, stools, coal boxes, etc.

  • WHAT'S NEW 5.12.13 LUCY roof planks laid DETAILS WHAT'S NEW 5.12.13
    Canalporter service - using spare cargo capacity to reduce carbon footprint DETAILS
    BETELGEUSE is for sale - an opportunity to own this historic butty DETAILS
    NEW Steampunk lamps and electronic products DETAILS

    We are situated canalside at the Grand Union/North Oxford canal junction (Braunston Turn):
    Tess Wharf
    London Road
    NN11 7HB
    mobile 07729 139765
    Email info@phobox.com

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